Curbside Glass Recycling for Erie County Residents

Pre-registration for Spring 2020!


Currently 639 people have pre-registered for curbside glass recycling service. The first 400 will receive a 100% discount on the $15 set up fee, and we are offering a tiered discount up to the first 1,000 customers as follows:

  • 75% discount for next 401-600 people to sign up ($11.25 savings)        0 remaining!

  • 50% discount for 601-800 ($7.50 savings)                                             161 remaining!

  • 25% discount for 801-1,000 ($3.75 savings)                                           200 remaining!

This pre-registration allows us to work with your municipalities and build service areas. Once we are ready to begin service in the Spring of 2020, we will reach out to you for your full address and provide you with payment options.

Regular Fees:

  • $15 one-time startup fee

  • $8.00 month-to-month -or- $80 for 1 year service paid in advance ($16 cost reduction)